Christiaan Kaptein
Private Equity & Venture Capital Veteran
Co-founded Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Arbor Ventures, with specialisations in building technology companies in Asia.

Professional Background

Christiaan is a Principal of Dymon Asia Ventures and sits on the Board of Directors at Fundnel.

Thoughts of the future

What is your investment approach? We invest in early stage fintech companies in Southeast Asia. Why? Because technology is changing all aspects of financial services and we believe we are only at the beginning of a major structural overhaul of how financial services are conducted.

How do you see Fundnel changing the way we invest? We strongly believe that the way companies raise capital, and the way investors allocate it, will change dramatically in the next decade. Across the capital structure, access to investment opportunities will be democratised, and Fundnel is right at the forefront of making that happen.