Douglas Khoo
Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
A veteran in the internet business, Douglas is the Co-Founder and EVP of qunar, the largest Chinese Online Travel Portal. He is also investing his time to mentor start-ups and starting new initiatives that aim to support the local venture eco-system in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Professional Background

Co-founder of blowout success in which Baidu acquired a major stake in 2011, and which was acquired by Lee Ka Shing in 2000.

Thoughts of the future

What is your investment approach? Having had “investor” status tagged to my name for awhile now, I realise there are things I always look out for: Concept, Team and Revenue Model. My investments in travel companies aside, I’m also hunting for startups that will disrupt an entire industry, because changing status quo spells opportunity. Intelligent founders with acumen and expertise are great, but smart founders are even better. They’ll have the nous and drive to get creative when the going gets tough, and overcome adversity by all means necessary.

How do you see Fundnel changing the way we invest? Platform-based investing is the most interesting thing the financial markets have spawned in awhile. Giving educated investors the ability to participate in businesses of all stages is uniquely empowering. On the other side of the coin, business owners now have access to entire groups of potential investors previously unknown to them. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, the destination matters as much as the journey. I experienced this first hand in my recent win in the Touring Car Category at the 2016 Sepang 12 Hours race.