Jason Best
Principal of Crowdfunding Capital Advisors & Co-Author of the Obama Jobs Act
One of three people responsible for creating the CrowdFund Investment Framework used by outgoing US president Obama in the JOBS Act, Jason helped change the laws making crowdfund investing legal in the US.

Professional Background

Co-founded two of the world’s leading global crowdfunding associations namely; Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA) and CrowdFunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA)

Thoughts of the future

What is your investment approach? The focus of my investing in the last 4 years has been in FinTech - specifically in the world of online finance. Although the fundamentals of early stage investing are similar, we don’t have easy comparisons to draw which can answer all of the questions that less experience investors in this space may have. I continue to be bullish on the space, even if we experience a broad-based economic downturn.

How do you see Fundnel changing the way we invest? The way private deals have been done has not changed very much in 30 years. Coffee, dinner, phone calls, etc are all standard operating procedure. Fundnel helps to reduce cycle time, deliver greater transparency and efficiency in deal diligence for investors. For insurers/companies, it is a way to raise money in 90 days, rather than 18 months. This is a massive game changer for SMEs and startups.

How do you think crowdfunding will change the landscape of private investing? Within 5 years, we wont even talk about “crowdfunding” any more… it will just be “funding”… just another tool that companies use to raise capital. The work we have done in 36 countries has been fascinating to observe the similarities and differences among countries in how they approach entrepreneurship, job creation and access to capital. Regardless of how much a country’s government spends on spurring entrepreneurship - by engaging the crowd, they dramatically increase the utility of their investments.