DEAL TYPE Undisclosed
DEAL STAGE Seed round
DEAL STRUCTURE Equity (Primary)

Investment highlights

Capitalising on music's most analogue medium

Rides on the revival of vinyl record interest globally since 2008 that saw the strongest absolute value growth at a CAGR (2010 – 2015) of c.34.4%, fuelled by the mentioned nostalgia wave as much as the recognition of unique sound quality of the format itself.

Unique collaborations with complementary businesses

Integrated partnerships globally with established US and UK vinyl suppliers, collaborations with other businesses in the nostalgia wave to create unique store offerings; also worked with worldly recognised artists to produce own customised editions of vinyl to drive revenue performance

Strong historical and projected financial track records

Healthy revenue growth since establishment with 2015A revenue of S$361k and 2016E revenue of S$375k, at CAGR (2012 – 2016) of c.20%

Multiple product offerings

Tailored to meet multiple customer segments through unique store concepts with different target audience across genres, products etc.

Scalable business model

Poised for transformational growth with online vinyl record emporium, its product line expansion to related items, and spreading its experience-based stores to international markets

Use of proceeds

  • Operational expenses and working capital requirements
  • Marketing expenses
  • Business expansion i.e. opening of fourth outlet
  • Re-launch of digital vinyl emporium
  • Research & Development of self-branded customised turntables


A retail and online marketplace for music collectors to reconnect with rare or deleted items on vinyl. Established in 2012, Vinylicious is the only record store in Singapore that celebrates the inaugural Record Store Day, offering high end vinyl records through its three uniquely different concept stores. Holding the widest range of genres in Singapore, what the physical store lacks can be found and pre-ordered via Vinylicious' online emporium of vinyl records.


FY2015A revenue: S$361k, FY2016E revenue: S$375k | Stocks >4.8k curated titles in main store and carries >75k on eCommerce platform