For investors

Learn more about a new world of private investments built with your portfolio in mind

Open Access

New, accessible class of investment opportunities in private businesses and companies alongside the same terms as ‘big boys’

Opaque private investment market typically only accessible by funds and corporate ventures


Centralised portal with direct access to businesses, assisted by tools that encourage transparency to enable a more efficient evaluation process

Arbitrary opportunities with limited technical support and guidance

Full Suite Capabilities

Integrated portal to service all investor needs - from discovery and thorough evaluation, to settlement and post investment monitoring

Fragmented processes that take up investor time and expend valuable resources

Applied Analytics

Intelligent processing and application of investor preferences and behaviour for better investment opportunities targeting

One-size-fits-all approach to deal syndication and recommendations

Customer Empowerment

Transparent accreditation system that precedes access to proprietary business and financial data at a company’s deal table

Subjective screening processes that hamper information flow from companies to potential investors