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Product & Design (Singapore)
Full Time

"Finance isn't hard, it's just been very badly explained"

User + Experience + Interface + Intuition + Product + Eye for Design = You

If you agree with the above line, and you think the above equation sums up who you are; we'd love to hear for you.

This is the first time in history perhaps, that finance and design are working together in a side-by-side relationship to tackle that problem statement by co-creating new ways to reduce the inefficiencies in the world of private investments.

In a nutshell, we need somebody who can work with me (and the greater team) to design better user experiences that help explain and evolve this segment of finance better to (almost) everyone.

You should have a passion for design in all its forms and formats today, with an eye on the latest web trends and new methods of reaching audiences. You will learn to design both within an established identity system, while pushing the direction forward.

Daily projects would include collaborating with the marketing and product team on web platform work to iteratively improve the experience of our platform in the world of Finance 2.0. Translating and transforming the Fundnel brand into a user-friendly experience across all properties – mobile, desktop, email, retail and everything in between. Someone who loves using UX, design and prototypes to convey the idea and assist users in making a seamless investment decisions is who we’re looking to add to our growing team.

​What you'll do:

Creating and Updating User Stories:

We're big believers in the “Jobs To Be Done Theory” and we believe good designers start by understanding, and meeting the needs of our current and future users. You’re designing for users and an end-goal in mind after all, and it’s only right you partake in creating and adding to current user stories.

Research & Prototyping:

We will create, test and refine our theoretical UX flows on Sketch for common, and uncommon scenarios through a series of Invision prototypes before briefing designs into the tech team for development and deployment.

Prototyping is important. We’re looking for an individual who is smarter than the average bear, that lives and breathes UX, but can design enough to explain an idea or system and make it come to life in an accessible way that everyone can comprehend.

Design Kit & Relevant Experiences:

We use Sketch, Invision, Craft, Illustrator and Photoshop at the moment to convey ideas, and we use JIRA to feedback, follow-up and test the progress of product development with our developers. If you can bring in a new way to level-up product development, we would be glad to see how we can fit it in. (It'll be a plus if you come with built-in experience in coding, think HTML, Javascript, CSS, but it's not mission-critical at this juncture)

A sample question of what keeps us up at night:

“Getting someone to transact between an average of $1-$5000 online is a tried, tested and proven process today – What do you imagine the UI/UX journey (and potential pain points) of getting someone you have never met, to trust you enough to transact amounts up to $10k-$100k on your platform?”

• Knowledge about finance would be great, but not essential.

​Who you are:

• A designer with 1-3 years of experience and a demonstrable knack for UI/ UX will be considered.

• Students currently partaking a polytechnic diploma, or Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics, Design or other related accreditation in the sector would also be encouraged to apply, and will be given consideration.

• High energy and positive attitude

• A solidly creative portfolio, with examples of stellar creative work that demonstrates a train of thought, and a knack for designing and prototyping User Experiences. Ability to empathize with a wide range of user needs.

• An eye for design, attention to detail, and the ability to problem solve creatively.

• Passionate (and curious) about seamless and scalable web and mobile experiences.

• Resourceful and flexible enough to bond with, and hold the line with the Fundnel marketing squad by working efficiently in a fast-paced, high productivity environment under tight deadlines.

• Advanced Adobe skills, experience with prototyping tools like Sketch, Invision, Illustrator, Photoshop and Keynote is essential.

• Good english copywriting and editing skills is a bonus, but coming equipped with a conceptual understanding of user behavior online and responsive design is definitely a foot in the door.

About Fundnel

At Fundnel, we’re creating new ways that make it easier for everyone to re-invest in the economy at their own level with the help of data, technology, design and insight into contemporary human behaviour. We’ve been featured in the Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Economic Times of India, e27 and Deal Street Asia.

Please note that we take hiring very seriously as a company.
Interviewing with us may include video, phone interviews, written/ design tasks and on-site interviews. We don't have a huge H.R team, and as a result we might not be able to follow up with each and every applicant.

We’ll do our best nonetheless, to run a thorough process for candidates that show promise and potential fit for the corner of the greater economy that we operate in.

Interested in this job? We’d love to hear from you!

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