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My time at Fundnel was nothing short of inspiring. One thing I admired and managed to pick up from my mentors was their astuteness when it came to evaluating companies. Another would be their strong work ethic, which has served me well both in and out of the workplace.

Edward Tan Singapore

Investment Analyst

Working in the dynamic startup ecosystem also gave me a learning experience that went beyond marketing. I had the opportunity to witness first-hand what it takes to run a disruptive business. As a millennial, the notion of ‘adulting’ is always played off as daunting, but working at Fundnel proved otherwise!

Jae Tan Singapore

Marketing Associate

Fundnel has provided me with a wonderful platform to apply my data-science skills to solve real-world business problems… with extensive exposure in end-to-end machine learning model development and all stages of the CRISP-DM. Although there was a steep learning curve, I’m happy to be part of this young and dynamic team!

Madan Kumar Singapore

Data Science Associate

Although my internship experience was long, but it was nothing short of amazing. I am fortunate to have been surrounded by great people, and they made working at Fundnel much more enjoyable! If you yearn for a challenging and enjoyable working environment, Fundnel is definitely a place you should consider!

Chong Wee Lee Singapore

Investment Analyst

Joining Fundnel is definitely one of the choices that I can proudly say I’ll never regret. Being part of the #FundnelFamily has opened up the pathway for me to experience and gain exposure to the exciting private capital market… strengthening my knowledge across the various industries and verticals.

Lim Huai Xing Singapore

Investment Analyst

We are always required to think sensibly and critically in a fast-paced working environment and are constantly dealing with new industries and businesses. In that sense, we are on a steep learning curve, always venturing into the unknown – which is challenging but at the same time, extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Adrian Ann Singapore

Investment Analyst

Fundnel is a place where every day has something exciting in store and where everyone's personal growth is well taken care of. Even as an intern, I had the opportunity to travel with the team to KL for a conference! They are a bunch of people you don't call "ex-colleagues", but refer to affectionately as friends.

Siyi Zhu Singapore

Investment Analyst

The working environment is Fundnel is extremely exciting as lots of analysis, critical thinking and teamwork are required in our daily roles. Moreover, it is warm and welcoming as everyone works together as a team and leaves no one behind – the Fundnel folks make you feel like home.

Qayyum Muntassir Singapore

Business Development Analyst

Expect to learn from the best. Fully devote yourself to gaining knowledge about the whole process of capital raising. This includes the various industries that are involved, their business and revenue models, and their unique value propositions. Most importantly, you will learn to discern what constitutes a good business idea and what doesn’t.

Xie Zheyuan Singapore

Investment Analyst

I learnt that in order to manage projects seamlessly, being organized and having the ability to track the tasks at hand is key to success. Clear communication is also critical in managing and interacting with different people. Most importantly, I managed to gain significant exposure to the PE/VC industry.

Bertrand Chin Singapore

Business Development Analyst

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