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13 Jul 2018
Women Entrepreneur Awards 2018 Honours 14 Outstanding Females in Singapore

Khai Lin Sng, co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, was presented the Stellar for her outstanding entrepreneurial qualities exhibited in pioneering private equity investments in Singapore.

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1 Jun 2018
15 Young Singaporean Trailblazers Who Have Set The Bar Sky-high

Fundnel co-founder and CFO Khai Lin Sng is featured on the Harper's Bazaar lookout list this 2018, in a stellar cast of startup founders and social entrepreneurs.

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28 May 2018
Is Crowdfunding Ready To Embrace Asset Managers?

Kelvin Lee provides commentary on how the private equity market is also being supported by new regulations and technologies that are enabling the creation of new, smaller funds with a more interesting mix of assets.

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17 May 2018
Pros and cons: When a high-growth company opts to stay lean

Fundnel co-founder Justin Chow brings to light differing perspectives on running asset-light as a startup

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16 May 2018
User Experience: Much Sought-after X Factor

Fundnel's Head of Product, Experience and Design Benedict Wong talks you through the fundamentals of a great digital user experience, and why that's important for your business.

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11 May 2018
Kelvin featured on Tatler's GenT. List 2018

Our co-founder and CEO featured on Tatler's GenT. List of 50 of the brightest connectors, creative visionaries, influential innovators and disruptive talents in Singapore

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