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17 Nov 2019
中产阶级崛起 马国商机近在咫尺


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30 Oct 2019
Southeast Asia is a ‘Good Place’ to be as Global Slowdown Hits

After almost a decade of fairly solid growth, things are beginning to slow down. Co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, Khai Lin Sng, shares her opinion on at the Tech in Asia Conference 2019.

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29 Oct 2019
Companies Remaining Private Longer

Companies are staying private longer, foregoing IPOs and putting the public equity market at risk of shrinking. Fundnel's Co-founder and CFO Khai Lin Sng said the trend is not unique to any particular exchanges and it is expected to continue.

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24 Oct 2019
Spirit of Enterprise honours 56 awardees at SOE Awards 2019

Fundnel's Co-founder and CFO, Khai Lin Sng, is one of the 56 honourees of Spirit of Enterprise award. The award celebrates and inspire excellence in business entrepreneurship in Singapore.

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17 Oct 2019
Private Investment Platform Aiding Investors and Diluting Banks

Co-founder and COO of Fundnel Benjamin Twoon reveals how Fundnel appraises potential deals with a proprietary endogenous technology to operate nimbly, at a fraction of the cost and time spent by a traditional firm.

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4 Oct 2019
Aspiring SEA unicorns waiting to take off, but more funding lift needed

Kelvin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Fundnel, shares his thoughts on the importance of timely financing for aspiring unicorns, and explains the various potential detriments that such firms could face if they are unable to acquire such funding.

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