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17 Oct 2019
Private Investment Platform Aiding Investors and Diluting Banks

Co-founder and COO of Fundnel Benjamin Twoon reveals how Fundnel appraises potential deals with a proprietary endogenous technology to operate nimbly, at a fraction of the cost and time spent by a traditional firm.

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4 Oct 2019
Aspiring SEA unicorns waiting to take off, but more funding lift needed

Kelvin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Fundnel, shares his thoughts on the importance of timely financing for aspiring unicorns, and explains the various potential detriments that such firms could face if they are unable to acquire such funding.

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26 Sep 2019
Up Close & Personal with Sng Khai Lin

Sng Khai Lin, co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, shares about the people who motivated her to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey. She also intimately reveals her recent concerns for Fundnel and her aspirations for both her work and personal life.

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23 Sep 2019
Views from the Top: Towards gender diversity in the boardroom

Fundnel's CFO and co-founder, Khai Lin Sng, shares her views on how to attain a more gender-balanced leadership structure in the workforce, citing support from mentorship organisations and a focus on meritocracy as crucial factors to achieving this goal.

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23 Aug 2019
Alternative financing offers critical new funding to SMEs and startups

Co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, Khai Lin Sng, explains why non-institutional investors are starting to look towards alternative financing in search of more favorable returns, even as venture capital and private equity remain as popular funding options.

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16 Aug 2019

年轻投资者因为不停地在追求更好的回酬,所以抛弃了传统的上市公司,开始转向私募股权投资。Fundnel 联合创办人兼财务总监蔡凯龄访问时进一步解释企业不要上市的原因与分享她对私募市场的看法。

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