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1 Aug 2019
Looking for easy funding for your business? Private investment platform Fundnel can help.

Co-founder and COO of Fundnel Benjamin Twoon shares in detail about how the company helps raise capital for businesses of all sizes. He then further details his vision of spurring a more robust entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore.

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31 Jul 2019
I am Generation T: Kelvin Lee

CEO and co-founder of Fundnel, Kelvin Lee, answers a diverse series of interview questions ⁠— giving us into a peek into his motivations behind his entrepreneurial journey, his dreams for the future, and his advice for the younger generation.

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19 Jul 2019
Kelvin Lee harnesses fintech to realise dream of financial inclusivity

Kelvin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Fundnel, recounts what inspired him to start his entrepreneurial journey and shares his dream of creating a more financially inclusive world that engages a wider range of businesses and investors.

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15 Jul 2019
Death of the IPO Market?

Fundnel co-founder and CEO Kelvin Lee discusses the decline of the public capital markets and what makes a successful startup. He also advises young graduates to broaden their skill sets to prepare for an ever-changing economy.

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11 Jul 2019
Private Equity Often Seen as More Patient

Fundnel CEO and co-founder Kelvin Lee goes on air to explain the role of private markets in funding Asian SMEs and analyses why investing in the private equity market is becoming an increasingly popular alternative amongst investors.

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9 Jul 2019
A Drink with Kelvin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Fundnel

Fundnel's co-founder and CEO Kelvin Lee narrates his story of personal growth and recounts the major milestones in his entrepreneurship journey. We also get a glimpse into his unique quirks and perspectives about the world at large.

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