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21 Jun 2019
Women on Top in Tech

In a series featuring female leaders in technology, Fundnel CFO Khai Lin Sng shares her motivations behind her entrepreneurial journey, the people that have guided and worked with her, and her advice for budding female entrepreneurs.

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7 Jun 2019
Keeping Up With Millennials

Companies are seeking to attract millennials, who are forming an increasing bulk of the workforce. Fundnel's COO and co-founder, Benjamin Twoon, shares his views on how embracing flexibility fosters productivity and creativity in the workplace.

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31 May 2019
IPO Fail: It’s Better to Invest Early in Private Markets

The recent spate of IPOs have seen private investors cashing in and gaining majority of market returns. Fundnel's co-founder and CEO, Kelvin Lee, provides his viewpoints on why IPOs are becoming more of an exit than an entry point.

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26 Apr 2019

企业发展面对的其中一项大挑战,就是资金,而筹募资金的管道也挺多,包括股权众筹。总部设立于新加坡的 Fundnel 是获得马来西亚第7张股权众筹平台的营运商。来听听股权众筹如何可以帮助你的企业。

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5 Apr 2019
Are private markets redefining investment for Singapore firms?

As more middle-class investors enter the playing field, it is clear that private equity activity is set to grow in Singapore. Fundnel's co-founder and CEO, Kelvin Lee, puts forward his thoughts on the evolution of the capital market.

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4 Apr 2019
Investing with Fundnel: From SMEs to SpaceX

The equity crowdfunding space in Malaysia is stepping up momentum, Fundnel is the latest to be granted a license by the Securities Commission. Khai Lin Sng, co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, speak to BFM 89.9 about her plans for the market.

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