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14 Dec 2018
Technology Plugs SME Finance Gap

Lack of finance is a perennial challenge for small companies, but the emergence of technological solutions, such as private investment platforms like Fundnel, is playing a part in helping these neglected companies.

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13 Dec 2018
Startups and Corporates Need Marriage Counselling

Benjamin Twoon, co-founder and COO of Fundnel, provides insights on what would strengthen the synergistic effect arising from a startup and corporate collaboration.

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10 Dec 2018
PE and SMEs: Southeastern Bind

Difficulties connecting private equity investors with SMEs in traditional industries remain a key barrier to growth in Southeast Asia. Co-founder and CEO of Fundnel, Kelvin Lee provides commentary on novel approaches available today.

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26 Nov 2018
Views from the Top: Reaching the Unbanked, Underbanked, and Unhappily Banked

Co-founder and CEO of Fundnel, Kelvin Lee, provides commentary on how might fintech exclude, just as it includes, if not done right, and highlights how SMEs in Southeast Asia can benefit from improved access to financial services.

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13 Nov 2018
Singapore Financier Fundnel Expands to Malaysia

On Thursday, 8 November 2018, Fundnel officially crossed the borders to Malaysia as a Recognised Market Operator. The launch event was officiated by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

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12 Nov 2018
Views from the Top: Making Things Easier

Fundnel's co-founder and CFO, Sng Khai Lin shares her thoughts on tax structure and how it could make doing business in Singapore easier and better.

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