Avina Kantaatmadja
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Avina Kantaatmadja

Product Manager
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Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates, Microsoft

Professional Background

Avina is responsible for implementing strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for Fundnel’s line of products that heavily focuses on the business value and usability of the developed features which will ultimately lead to the success of the product. She is also responsible in leading the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving these products, from Tech Development to Quality Assurance.

The Backstory

I grew up in the United States and moved to Southeast Asia to pursue my career in the Finance industry, but my first working experience, on the contrary, was radically different — I landed a job in an IT company instead. After 2.5 years working at Google, I grew to love the tech-driven industries and that lead me to set my life vision pursuing a career that prioritises the technological advancement of our society. Prior to Fundnel, I was working at one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, where I was responsible for improving its search algorithm using various Artificial Intelligence tactics.

What I've Learnt

In most cases, customers are the sole reason for whom we build product features; we must give them what they want and need, while empathising with their struggles and frustrations. For me, it’s not necessarily the mantra of "the customer is always right", but to do everything with the customer in mind.