Ethan Cheng
Investment Analyst
Good things come to those who wait

Professional Background

As an Investment Analyst, Ethan is responsible for supporting the investment team in day-to-day operations through origination and execution of deals. He assists in the conduct of due diligence and the building of pitch decks for firms looking to monetise shares or raise capital. He was previously a platoon commander in the Singapore Armed Forces and brings the strict discipline and regimentation to his current role in Fundnel!

The backstory

I've always had an interest in the finance sector. I remember watching my parents invest in different stocks in the market since a young age, causing me to develop a curiosity for capital movements within the investment sector. Joining Fundnel has exposed me to how investors target growth and pre-IPO companies, broadening my perspectives towards this complex yet wonderful industry.

What I’ve learnt

If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible - As long as you are dedicated enough to work towards a goal, nothing can stand in your way!