Farhanah Ali
Data Management Analyst
If you want to get on my good side, look no further than a treat from the bubble tea stall. Just, no bubbles please.

Professional Background

Farhanah is primarily responsible for data management operations at Fundnel. Prior to joining Fundnel, her studies qualified her as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and shortly after, a Masters in Mathematics. Farhanah worked as a Research Assistant during her course of studies, conducting core research and data analysis, as well as co-writing journal papers for the university publication.

The backstory

Everything in life comes down to numbers and accountability. I feel my whole life has been gearing towards this moment where I now have the opportunity to apply my love for detail in the work I do.

Speaking of love, jogging has a love-hate relationship with me. Love how it makes me feel at the end of a run, you can figure the other bit.

What I’ve learnt

Self-improvement drives me to do better, both as an individual and as a professional in the context of the wider organisation.