Greg Tennant
Product Manager
The ultimate success is about leaving a legacy knowing that I've managed to create and bring value to others through wildly innovative products

Professional Background

Greg is Product Manager for the Fundnel Platform and its portfolio of products, and is responsible for delivering user value and establishing product market fit. Prior to Fundnel, Greg managed a number of product development projects in the Fintech, Insuretech and HRtech sectors. Having founded and co-founded a number of traditional and tech-focused startups, Greg has a great deal of experience in product development and startup culture. Greg has a Bachelors in Marketing, PSPO in SCRUM and international experience working on projects in the South African and African markets.

The backstory

I see everything in life through a creative lens (having studied and practiced photography). Photography is a passion and hobby.

As a kid, I used to break apart and reverse engineer all my toys and gadgets to learn how they worked. I would them re-build and re-create my own 'works of art' out of the parts! My parents learnt and soon stopped buying me expensive gifts. I always had that insatiable inquisitiveness to learn how things work, and being able to take ownership of the product allows me to do just that.

What I’ve learnt

I love to travel, explore new worlds, and immerse myself in new cultures. I also love a good local craft beer.

My idea of success? It's knowing that I built and created joy and value in the lives of people who use my products in every sense of the word.