Ismi Listyaningsih
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Ismi Listyaningsih

Data Management Analyst
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I own willpower in abundance, and I spend this resource in willing myself to work harder, exercise more, get fitter everyday…

Professional Background

Ismi handles data management operations for Fundnel Brunei. Her wide-ranging experience covers managing client mortgages with the Security Custodian department at Baiduri Bank, and a full time financial planner giving counsel to applicant clients based on their financial needs at AIA Brunei.

The Backstory

The best lesson I’ve learnt is that businesses need purpose and direction to truly make a difference, so that’s how I orientate my personal priorities as well. I love my money so I hate spending it… but in today's online economy, a bargain is a bargain is a bargain, you just can’t argue with that!

What I've Learnt

But willpower kinda stops when it comes to chocolates. Man, I love chocolate! Nonstop, all day, everyday.