Kok Min Wong
Managing Director - Investments
Nothing ever beats a positive disposition and a warm smile.

Professional Background

Kok Min oversees all investment activities across the country markets which Fundnel operates in. He has built a career of more than 15 years in investment banking and deal advisory with companies such as JP Morgan and KPMG, covering the Asia Pacific region. Kok Min also has a wealth of experience in leveraged and acquisition financing, alternative structured capital financing and syndication financing. He has assisted companies with capital market activities to the tune of more than USD12bn.

The backstory

I have always marvelled at the potential of technology. Seeing what Fundnel has achieved and is trying to pursue further, pairing my insights into capital markets and my interest in technology, made it an easy decision for me to hop unto the Fundnel bandwagon.

What I’ve learnt

I believe that the cliche of not judging a book by its cover is a statement which should be revisited time and again, and is very applicable especially in our line of work. The appearance of the lack of significance may deliver the most impact.