Kristin Lim
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Kristin Lim

Director, Investments
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Every moment is an eminently suitable moment for unlimited profundity - Adi Da Samraj

Professional Background

Kristin is responsible for managing Fundnel’s investment pipeline — from the point of origination to execution — through client relationship management and innovative deal structuring. Kristin is an experienced investment professional with over five years of experience in Corporate Finance, Banking and Venture Capital, across multiple ASEAN countries. Before joining Fundnel, she covered Natural Resources at Societe General in New York, and was part of the Corporate Finance team at Terralife, a biotech & agricultural startup with operations in Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

The Backstory

I started my career in investment banking in New York, and left to take up the challenge of building and scaling a startup in Asia. At Fundnel I've found the perfect mix of both, and having been on the other side of the table provides me with better perspective and a great deal of empathy.

What I've Learnt

Less is more. It's easy to fall into the trap of hustling round the clock and sleeping four hours a night to get things done, but I no longer wear that as the badge of honour the way I once did. Now, I've learnt to plan ahead and be ruthlessly efficient with my time to get much more done in a day. Work smarter, not harder. Synergy is a beautiful thing. I'm a better leader and individual when I work with others, and cross-team collaboration provides significant opportunities for experimentation, creativity and organisational growth. Everyone wins when they give up their silos and perceptions of power.