Lim Huai Xing
Investment Analyst
Never stop listening as you may discover and learn new things, but remember to listen with your heart and mind

Professional Background

As an Investment Analyst, Huai Xing is responsible for supporting the investment team in the origination and execution of deals. He spends time analysing and understanding companies, and conducts strict due diligence on the business models, financials, growth, and potential risks of those firms. After comprehensive assessment, he prepares the investment teasers and other materials necessary for launching deals.

The backstory

I have always wanted to experience what it is like working in a fast-paced environment with a highly efficient team and I thought that, perhaps, a startup might just fit the bill.

The process and outcome of conducting analysis is always very interesting as you never know what you might discover and learn.

What I’ve learnt

Passion and interest is really a reliable fuel that never fails to disappoint!

There are many faces to the same truth, choosing the right one makes a lot of difference, so choose wisely.