Lim Kai Zhi
Marketing Associate
“Trust your gut — keep throwing darts at the dartboard” – Will Ferrell

Professional Background

As a Marketing Associate, Kai Zhi is in charge of developing marketing collaterals to enhance Fundnel’s positioning and branding amongst various stakeholders. He also assists the marketing team in formulating concepts for various engagement events and managing the company’s PR and communication efforts.

The backstory

To me, marketing is about crafting a meaningful and lasting narrative – I joined Fundnel with the aim of discovering how marketing blends with other functions to tell a compelling story.

I absolutely love the dynamism of marketing – there is never a dull moment in this role, especially not with the Fundnel team!

What I’ve learnt

An organisation’s greatest assets are its people. There is always something invaluable to learn from the people around you.

Self-love is crucial but often forgotten – I believe that part of learning is about acknowledging your strengths and giving yourself an occasional pat on the back!