Low Wen Chun
Head of Investments
“We’re industry agnostic, and what excites me is being able to help a variety of companies to find, unlock and realise their next stage of growth“

Professional Background

Wen Chun drives and manages regional deal flow via the origination, execution and closing of deals. Through his work, he assesses private investment opportunities, and develops offline and digital strategies to support a company’s capital raising requirements. Wen Chun was previously with Standard Chartered Bank’s Financial Sponsors and Southeast Asian team, where he originated and executed a mix of corporate finance and capital market transactions. Previously, Wen Chun was in investment banking with HSBC (Singapore) and Tata Capital (Mumbai, India) executing both capital market and M&A transactions. He also has experience in private equity and fund management with Capital One (Singapore) and Aviva Investors (Singapore).

The backstory

Being open and transparent are probably the two most important things that businesses and owners need to be today. If you’re looking to raise a round of capital, help us to help you better by being brutally honest and upfront about your current and future positions.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional life building financial models for businesses, and I relate to the fact that making decisions based on projections can be really tough.

What I’ve learnt

Never raise more capital than you need. It may look and sound good in the press and over conversations, but financial practicality should be the goal at the end of the day; not too little, but not too much either.

Finance is easier than you think. I believe a little effort on our part will go a long way to helping businesses understand the different aspects of it, to give them the edge and knowledge they need.

The tide to success has never been more challenging, but then again, smooth seas never made good sailors. I should know, I used to sail competitively on a national level.