Tommy Pratama
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Tommy Pratama

Software Engineer
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"People sometimes have a view of programming that is something solitary and very technical. But programming is among the most creative, expressive, and social careers" — Craig Federighi

Professional Background

Tommy is a software engineer that is responsible for bolstering Fundnel’s technical foundations by designing, implementing and launching a series of novel features. Tommy is also actively involved in ensuring functionality and security through different testing processes. Prior to Fundnel, Tommy has accumulated over 9 years of experience working as a web and software developer in several startups in Indonesia.

The Backstory

Programming is always about finding creative ways to solve complex problems. There is no definite solution, as every person has their own unique way of thinking and working.

What I've Learnt

Never stop learning. Startups are the best environment for growing and learning anything, not just from a technical aspect, but from other areas as well.