Vivien Wu
Investment Analyst
“Cause God will only give his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers”

Professional Background

As an investment analyst, Vivien renders support to the investment team through deal origination and execution efforts. She is responsible for analysing the internal and external aspects of businesses across industries, conducting thorough due diligence, and subsequently building investment teasers to position the deals for launch to a global network of investors.

The backstory

I have always been interested in analysis as I believe there is much to uncover and learn throughout the process. Analysing an investment opportunity does not entail just one aspect of the company, instead, it is crucial to take a holistic view to include financials, market conditions, competitors, risks, etc.

I chose the startup life as the culture of a smaller company tends to be more flexible and kinship is more pronounced. A comfortable working environment can produce maximum results.

What I’ve learnt

Get out from my comfort zone to widen my horizon and deepen my knowledge and skills even though it’s very challenging

I learnt that the definition of ‘investment’ is not limited to stocks, money market, or mutual funds; startup investments is a new, popular alternative!

I might be down at some point but when I rise, I am stronger