WanHsi Yeong
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WanHsi Yeong

General Counsel & Compliance Officer
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When it comes to innovation, I’m a big supporter of businesses that try to localise their ideas to solve real problems

Professional Background

WanHsi serves as legal council and compliance officer to Fundnel. WanHsi previously practised in Morgan Lewis Stamford and Duanne Morris & Selvam. Her practice includes multi-jurisdictional mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, initial public offerings, private equity investments, regulatory compliance, financial markets, and general corporate work. She has served as advisory representation to Keppel Land Limited, SP PowerAssets Limited, the dual US and Singapore listing of Omega Navigation Enterprises and DBS to name a few.

The Backstory

Due diligence is a fancy way of saying get your hands dirty. I believe you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to making investments. Evaluating the long term viability and fit is something everyone should get up to speed on today.

What I've Learnt

Work hard and smart, stack the odds in your favour. I’ve met many non-profit and social organisations who’ve worked very hard to change the world. It’s the same with growing businesses; we want to help them move the needle on the economy in meaningful ways. I’ve been through extremely difficult situations around the world. Having been on the business end of a gun a couple of times gives you a rather different perspective on life. Bridging the trust gap is everything when you’re dealing with significant sums of money. Trust and transparency is of paramount importance if we’re going to be a lynchpin in the new financial economy. I like sustainable growth. As I write this, Singapore has overtaken Silicon Valley as the world’s no.1 for start-up talent. It’s still early days yet, but I believe we’re on the verge of jumpstarting a new era of economic innovation.